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What Is A “Bot Program” Or “Bot Script”, And How Can It Improve My Work Productivity? robot-brain-surgeon - Robot brain surgeon, Credit: NASA Full view

What Is A “Bot Program” Or “Bot Script”, And How Can It Improve My Work Productivity?

Bots (as an abbreviation for Robots) are automatic setups that interface with other media as they are human editors. A bot may also be some program designed so as to perform tasks like gathering a list of sites with the latest news or monitoring a chat etc. A bot program or bot script is a systemic process that functions like an agent for a user or it simulates a human’s activity to know what’s going on. On the Internet, the most abundant and everlasting programs are the spiders that check the web data by visiting the website for search engine indexes.

Efficient working

Bots are basically autonomous systems that can automate tasks and complete them at a much higher rate as compared to a human. If you have a simple task like adding a window to different pages several times, then this task better suites to a bot than a human.

Some Well-Known Bots

A chatterbot is a script or program to act according to the talk with a human being. One of the most famous chatterbots was Eliza that was really a psychotherapist and used to respond to the questions. Red and Andrette were two beginning programs that could precisely respond to questions asked by users seeking service for a product. It is also called a “virtual representative or a virtual service agent”. Shopbot shops online on your behalf and targets the best product within the specified price.  A spambot is a bot whose job is to spam large contents on the Internet. A knowbot automatically visits the websites and gathers information that fulfils certain specified criteria.

Use for Automation

Bots can be used to get best seats for a concert, especially by ticket brokers who always try to resell the tickets. It can also be employed against entertainment-ticketing sites. Bots are more adopted in Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games. These are also used to increase video views for your YouTube videos and are used to enhance traffic counts on analytics reporting in extracting some amount from advertisers.


How it Automates Works

Some bots communicate through instant messaging, Internet Relay Chat or another internet online platform. These scripts may allow people’s queries in simple English and then process a proper and exact response. These bots are able to tackle multiple tasks like reporting weather and performing conversions etc. Others are employed for the sake of entertainment, just like SmarterChild on AOL Instant.

So bot can perform your entire work in a much better and efficient manner so as to save the time consumption.


Written by 3urbu

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